Friday, June 10, 2011

BFL Family Update.

     Things have just kind of been crawling for the Bolings lately. We've had Xander since last week, and he's staying until next week. I've been attending Fitness Boot Camp, but I haven't been attending much yet because I have still not been able to meet up with Cornelius. I feel bad for continuing to go and not doing anything to hold up my end of the sponsorship. I'm hoping he will have time to sit down soon. He has been very busy. I have been going at least once a week for now until I can get a sit down with him. From there I will figure out how often I need to go without overdoing it.
     Xander lost his first tooth the other night. That was exciting. I knew it was ready to come out, but he was moping around being a weenie about letting anyone touch it. He finally plucked up the courage and walked up to me and said "Ok, pull it out, Daddy". I said ok. I reached in his mouth and barely got a hold of it, and he crumpled in the floor like a pile of laundry and started crying. I couldn't help but laugh at him being so dramatic. He went ahead and ate with the tooth barely hanging on, so I had to tell him to make sure not to swallow it! He came back in the living room with tears in his eyes again because his loose tooth was bothering him. He cried for like 30 min, and I finally had to tell him to go to his room if he was going to act like that! He decided to let me have another shot at pulling it. I barely plucked it, and it popped right out. Xander was instantly happy. I tried to explain to him that he acted silly over a loose tooth, but I seem to remember being a bit dramatic about my first loose tooth as well.

     I still have been keeping a horrible sleep schedule. I'm going to bed most nights/mornings around 4AM, and get up at 11AM or so. Im trying to change it around, but Gracie usually isnt in bed until late, and I enjoy the quiet time after she goes to bed. I'm not exactly sure how this sleep schedule effects my health and well being. I feel like I'm getting enough rest, I just have an odd schedule. I should probably look into it. Although, most days I feel guilty when I wake up so late. I feel like I've wasted the day.
     I haven't been doing alot of videos lately, because there really doesn't seem to be anything interesting enough to vlog about. As stated before, we really haven't been doing a lot. Amanda's crafting has been on hiatus, so she has taken to Sims 3, and of course Gracie. She has also found a website called Pinterest that she really loves to frequent. I've been doing a lot of modding on my phone to kill time.
     I have been looking feverishly for work. I've applied at several places, and I am doing interviews. I was offered a job working 30 hours a week, but I would have made less than I am making drawing unemployment, so obviously, I turned it down. There is one particular job that I am holding out hope for. He is interviewing ALOT of people though, so I hope my interview was memorable. I have another interview next Thursday with a local AT&T call center, but I just really don't know that I would jive there. I could do the work, and the pay is better than unemployment. Not nearly as good as my previous job, but I can't expect a miracle job with no degree. I just know that money is tight and I really need a job quickly. I tend to get anxious over money very easily. It causes me a lot of unhealthy stress. So, I'm trying to keep an open mind during my job search.
     Gracie has started pulling up on things, and every now and again she will decide to let go, and just stand there flailing her arms. Every time she does it, it scares the crap out of me, but she does well to grab ahold of something if shes about to fall. Every once in a while you will hear a loud -THUD- and she will be sitting on her butt in the floor, clapping her hands.

     She is still sleeping like crap on most nights. The doctors say she is just a "needy baby". I feel sorry for Amanda some nights. I've tried on several occasions to put her down myself to help out, but she just wont go down for me. She immediately pops her little eyes open when I lay her down. Its so frustrating to have an 8 month old daughter that keeps my wife from having happy healthy sleep. I know it will pass, but sometimes, it just seems like its never going to end! I speak like its some skin off my teeth, but I'll be honest....I have it easy. Amanda does most everything when it comes to the actual care and feeding of the baby. I just play with her and act goofy. Mom has been helping when she can by keeping Gracie overnight once a month or so, and man, those nights are wonderful! Its a huge burden, so we hate to really ask anyone to do it for us. Mom just ended up volunteering one day, and we took her up on it. Its wonderful to have a night to just sit and cuddle with Amanda and not have to worry about a fussy baby!
     Thanks for sticking with me on this post. It was long overdue, so it had a lot of content. I hope to get you guys a vlog soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011!

     The fitnesspal food and exercise tracker will cease to exist as of today on the blog. I will be creating an exercise journal in the very near future, but I will be on a very strict meal plan, and food tracker does not track the type of foods I am planning on taking. Regardless of whether or not we work out a deal on the fitness boot camp meals, I am going to do his supplements going forward.
     I have an appointment with Cornelius tomorrow to iron out the rest of the details on the sponsorship, at which time, BIG FAT LOSER will undergo some slight changes in appearance, frequency of posts, and types of posts. I will also be attending "Legs" day tomorrow. I had arms day today and had a very good workout. Cornelius has been very busy lately, so the meet and greet, and setting up the details of the sponsorship has taken a little longer than either of us expected.
     My immediate goal is to attend 3-4 days a week. I don't think I will be doing ab classes just yet, unless of course Corn thinks its necessary. I was very happy to see that I was back down to my starting weight of 360 the other day at the Dr. I think the Paxil was really making me out on the lbs!
     As far as the Paxil goes, the withdrawals have pretty much ended. I still have some mood swings here and there, but for the most part, the brain zaps are gone, as well as the feeling of impending doom. I feel like I have a clean slate, and I have been doing very well with the boot camp. I will admit, sometimes its hard to go to boot camp. I don't always look forward to it. I can definitely say that the more I am going, the more I enjoy going. People keep telling me that I will get addicted, and I look forward to that. It will also help once I get some weight off and I am able to stay motivated.
      I am putting a lot of faith in the crew at FBC unlimited. So far the team seems great. I am just enjoying my back spot! I gotta make sure I get there early enough to get a spot in the back of the class, because sometimes I feel really awkward out there dancing around. Sometimes its hard to get the rest of my body to stop when I do!!!!

    I will update my readers tomorrow after the meeting with Cornelius.

Thanks alot Fitness Boot Camp!

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