Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to school!

   You know what that means? No school kids on WoW to ruin my play time. I'm kidding of course (kinda). I'm taking 12 hours this semester in an "online environment". I literally have nothing else to do, so I figure I will do well. It's better than playing games on my butt at home. Well, I will still be sitting on my butt at home, but I will do it constructively, not to say that leveling my engineering in WoW isn't constructive. It's just not constructive to society.
   I decided to bite the bullet and start going back to therapy, (le sigh). I'm still on the same anti-depressants that I was on during the separation and divorce, and they don't really seem to be keeping up like I feel they should, and I get a handful of free sessions seeing as how I work at an outpatient clinic. I really don't have an excuse. Although it could make for an awkward conversation when my therapist calls for technical support. I tried to pick the most low maintenance (IT wise) therapist I could think of to avoid such interactions. Therapy is already so awkward to begin with.
   The weather has been a bit cooler over the past couple of days and I'm starting to get the itch for fall. I love the fall weather. Not to mention Halloween approaches when the weather starts to cool off. Ryan has his cogs turning on the new Zombie Pumpkins! site. He has started releasing teaser pics and a title guessing contest. If you haven't checked it out,  you should. Zombie Pumpkins!
   This will be my first Halloween by myself EVER. I'm not sure yet what I am going to do with myself, but hopefully I can find some trouble to get into. If anyone is planning a party, let me know!

   Dating life hasn't had much yet worth blogging, but its slowly moving along. Taking my time is the best measure I think. Plus with school starting back, I figure I will have that much less time.

  If you are in school...Good Luck!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It'll never be good enough....

I updated my food diary, i was a little behind in syncing my diary to myfitnesspal.

However, I have a reader that bitches when I don't update my journal, he bitches when i do update it because its not how he thinks it should look. He bitches because he cant click a link on the left hand side of my food diary to see my exercise diary, and then makes comments.

To that reader, and you know who you are, If you are going to be so difficult about EVERYTHING, just move on and stop reading my blog. Im tired of waking up to comments from you where you have nothing nice to say EVER.

I am being completely honest on my food log, and I know that I dont eat healthy right now, but as I stated before I am waiting for my blood test results to come back so my doctor can give me a diet plan.

I hate to be so crass, but I didnt start this blog for you, and frankly, Im tired of moderating your comments.

If you want to do it "right" start your own blog.

Maybe now I can get back to doing things how i want without having to worry about what you will say.