Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If you're fat, you have no style....

The title must be a stereotype. Not only is it common, but it's very frustrating. (obviously the shirts pictured below are embellished for entertainment purposes)

Allow me to explain. If you aren't big, you likely won't understand where I am coming from. However, trying to shop for clothes is quite embarrassing when you are a big person.

I for one love the style direction that clothes are going in. I have always been a fan of retro and dingy looking clothes. So, I decided with my income tax return this year, I was going to finally bite the bullet and get some new clothes. With extra money in my bank account, I stroll into JCPenney as they actually have a decent collection of big and tall shirts....IF you have the style of Tom Arnold. You walk in and you see all these nice clothes. I am thinking wow, I like that let see if they make that in size FAT. I walk over to the big and tall section and I am greeted with the most horrendous shirts I have ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. I feverishly look around for the manufacturer of the really nice shirt I saw in the other section. I see a sign wavering above the clothes. I snake my way through all the cargo pants and Bill Cosby sweaters. I finally reach my destination, and what is waiting on me?

What the hell is this! It looks like Picasso upchucked on this shirt. Who would buy this. I look around on the rack and they have 20 different colorations of the same pattern. I think to myself..."This couldn't have been cheaper to manufacture than that other shirt I saw." What is the motivation to print this horrible thing.

I start to look around again. My eyes catch on some plaid shirts. Hey, I actually like the plaid pattern. Maybe I found something palatable. I flurry over to the rack with the plaid patterns. This looks promising! I reach up and pull the plaid shirt out and I am greeted with....

WHAT IS THIS SHIT! WHY!???!!?!! WHO THE F&*K would wear this! This is point where I scour the shirt hopelessly wondering if a seam ripper would fix this atrocity before resigning it to fate that once again, I would be destined to purchase solid color pique polos once again.

I decide to look through the "designer" tee's while I'm at penneys. Oh look, a shirt that says "big pappa". Oh that's cute, its a shirt with a twinkie on it... Screw it...im shopping from home.

I go home and open my best friend....Amazon.com. They never fail me. I search for "Big & Tall shirts". A hefty amount of results are returned. I am relieved as I started to scroll through them. I see a shirt that I love, I click it. Wow, its on sale! I scroll over to the "choose size" button and click it. "S, M, L, XL" Um, ok....maybe they are out of stock. NOPE. EVERY DAMN SHIRT IS THE SAME. The Manufacturer has listed my size as one of the available sizes JUST SO amazon will list their shirt in my listings. Thank you for showing me what I can have.

At this point, I am so frustrated, that I just buy my solid color polos AGAIN and call it a day.

Here is my question.

While these manufacturers are making all these stylish clothes for the people lucky enough to not be fat. Would it really be so hard to go ahead and make them in bigger sizes. Is it really necessary to make only ugly clothes for the fat guys. It's not like you sell these horrible patterns on the smaller sizes, so what's the incentive. The fat people are no longer the minority, so wake up and fire that bastard who is making these decisions and make some nice clothes for us. And here is another idea. When you do make those nice clothes. Don't double the mark up and profit margin you dickheads.