Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gastric Sleeve - 2 Months Post Op

What an interesting journey this has been. Ups, downs, cramps, headaches, and stalls.

Here I am, 2 months post op. I weighed in at 325 this morning. That's 75 lbs for those who don't want to do the math. Omeprazole is a necessity. The heartburn can get unbearable at times if I miss my pill.

I got to 335, and was stuck there for almost 3 weeks. It was quite frustrating. I think there are two factors. I wasn't drinking enough water, and I was grazing. I was mistaking my thirst for hunger. Those little snacks add up. It's very important to mentally track what you put in your body, instead of mindlessly eating a mouthful here and there.

I can tolerate milk, but cheese tends to hit me hard. It's nothing terrible, but I get some cramping.

Because of the stall, and the fact, I can eat (almost) a normal diet again, I decided to go back to the Keto Diet. Since doing that, I have dropped about 10 lbs in a week. My snacks (when I do snack) is a few dry roasted peanuts. I am trying to stay away from high fat content meats even though Keto allows it, just because I feel guilty if I know I'm putting a large amount of fat into my body. I mainly just eat protiens. A Lot of eggs, chicken, fish. I'm drinking 64 oz of water a day, but it is a STRUGGLE. It's a matter of constantly being aware that I need to drink water, even when I don't want to. I have a 32 oz water bottle on my desk at work, and I try to have it down the hatch before it's time to go home. That means constantly sipping on the water. See it, sip it...all day. There is one problem. Coffee. I have ONE cup of coffee per day. I have read mixed studies on this. It is definitely a diuretic, which means I have to drink some extra water. I honestly function like a zombie without it though. It also curbs my appetite through lunch.

I have dropped from a 52 in waist to a 46 in waist. I feel lighter on my feet, and I can tell a difference when tackling stairs. However, I am struggling with motivation. I have not been exercising like I should be. The fact is I hate to walk. I have an exercise bike that I will pick up this week and begin to get my exercise in. It's a must, or this won't work like it's meant to.

Things have been hectic. Xander moved to Paragould, which means a little less time with him. I was kind of bummed out by it, but he seems happy, so I can't complain. It's about a 25-30 min to see him, so it will really only affect our weeknight visits.

I am very happy that I finally was able to get this surgery. However, for those of you considering it, that just generally like food. It is going to be a struggle for you. Prepare yourself ahead of time. You will need to break off the relationship you have with yummy high fat foods. Especially when you like to eat it in excess for the sake of the food being delicious. If you eat too much after the surgery, you will regret it. I can promise you that.

Just eat 3-5 small meals a day, but be AWARE of your meals. Don't eat high fat/calorie foods for your meals. You need protein, and calories, but use them wisely. Cheeses, fruits, etc. Don't even THINK about drinking carbonation. I tried A SMALL SIP of diet mountain dew. I was in pain for like 30 minutes. Just DON'T.

I guess you probably want some before and after pics? They are the best way to show you!

This journey is JUST beginning. I cant wait to see where it takes me.