Monday, October 6, 2014

Bungling Belt holes, Batman!!!

In a desperate attempt at being frugal I have taken to stabbing new holes in my belt. My logic behind this is that, as soon as I buy a new belt, I'll be doing it all over again.

I started at a 52" waist. I spent $150 on new work pants a month ago, and now they are falling off. I just ordered new pants with a 40" waist. That's no longer in Big & Tall territory.

So why, for love of fuzzy puppies is my gut still so huge!? I feel like it's in a state of gelatinous limbo.

I weigh less now than I have in 8 years, but I don't feel like it. Obviously, the clothes are shrinking, but when I look in the mirror, I still see a 400lb guy. It's kind of disheartening, but I'm convinced that it's just in my head. I'm down to 302 lbs

I've been "Spinning" 5 miles 3 days a week. Well, I was. I stopped for no apparent reason now that I think about it. I will start back up tonight. Oh yea, I remember why now. Destiny. The soul sucking console game that literally eats time when you play it. I go home and tell myself that I'll play after I exercise and eat. Then I look at my watch and it's midnight. I haven't eaten or exercised, and it's instant guilt. I need someone to do me like when I was a kid. Hide the Xbox Remote until my exercise and dinner is done. Then I can play games. It's a tragedy that a 31 yr old has so little discipline. I blame being a bachelor for 3 years for my bad habits. (Mainly because it's convenient)

Seriously though. I'll start back tonight.

I'm LOVING this weather. It had me out in the yard cleaning it up all day Saturday. My grandmother actually lent me her front end loader, and I *might* have had a little too much fun on it. Total destruction was at my fingertips, but I controlled it well enough to just get my yard cleaned up. No property was damaged, although I had a close call with my fence.

I still need to take down that swing set in the background. That's Tetanus waiting to happen.

I'm trying to do the diet thing, but even when I do fall off the wagon, I can't eat enough to make a huge difference, but it's a lifestyle thing. I need to get rid of those bad habits. Eventually my stomach will grow a little bit, and I need to use that real estate responsibly.

Believe it or not, the weekend before that, I braved the weekend crowd and took the kids to the park. We actually had a great time. It was a little warm, but it was nice. Something to do besides hide in my house all day. I have definitely seen a difference in myself when it comes to doing stuff. By stuff I mean anything besides sitting on my couch when I'm not working. After I get out and do these things, I feel so much more accomplished, and definitely have higher spirits. Staying in takes it's toll on your emotional health.

Update you soon!